Relive The Glory Days Of The Mixtape With Sennheiser On Facebook

If you're old enough to remember the cassette tape, you're also old enough to remember the pure joy of creating a mixtape for someone. Sennheiser is hoping to remind you of those glory days with a new Facebook app that lets you - wait for it - create a virtual mixtape for your special someone.

Once you accept the app and Like Sennheiser Australia on Facebook, you can select five songs from the included library and share them with individuals or all your friends via your Facebook Wall. While the app will only play 30 seconds from each song, there's a link to purchase the tracks from iTunes, and the ability to send a mixtape back to the original sender.

One of the catches is that you can't access the app if you're using HTTPS - depending on how trusting you are of Facebook and applications you can easily turn it off, but remember to turn it back on again when you're done. Other than that though, it's a simple reminder of a time when analogue music was personable and people spend hours with a pencil wedged in the wheels, reloading tape that had become caught in the recorder. Ahh, memories.

[Sennheiser Facebook Page]

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