Record-Breaking Laser Beam Transfers 26 Terabits Per Second

Researchers in Germany have broken the world record for the fastest data transfer speed over a single fibre optic cable. And at 26 terabits per second, it's fast enough to transfer the entire Library of Congress in 10 seconds.

The record-breaking laser beam was created by Professor Wolfgang Freude and other colleagues at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. You may remember that the previous data transfer record was 109 terabits per second; but in that instance, the laser used seven "light-guiding cores" as opposed to this newer, single-core driven system:

Using one laser with short pulses—with said pulses containing around 325 separate colours of light, each carrying their own bit of information—Freude and his colleagues were able to send the information down 50 km of optical fibre and extract the different colours using a fast Fourier transform, which is an algorithm that can extract the different colours from a beam based on the number of times different parts of said beam arrive. Freude's team manages to do this optically, rather than mathematically, by splitting the arriving beam in various parts that arrive at different times.

Once the data's all on the receiving end, it can be reassembled and voila!

Professor Freude is first to admit that this form of data transfer probably won't be available to the masses for a while. But he also believes that as data hogs like you and me become more demanding, it'll eventually find its way. So, leechers, you know what to do - start downloading more legitimate information than your ISPs know what to do with. [BBC via Geekosystem]

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    so when can I have this? sick of 384kbs so called broadband by Telstra

      Too right, Last week my internet was going 1000kb/s and now its refusing to go above 400. I ring them up and they say that "my exchange has recently had more people connect to it". Thanks Telstra.

    yer.. the NBN will be obsolete before its complete... sure...

    and I bet it will be just next week when wireless matches that throughput!

    so thats, 260,000 customers served 100mbits through just ONE core?

      We can give copper line + the 4G another 100 decade and see whether wireless will even match up with NBN.

    Suddenly that gif of 'Downloading the internet' doesn't seem that stupid.

    ok for all you nbn haters, this is what we mean when we say a fibre-optic network would be future proofed.. 26 terabits /s OR 260000 times faster than the 100 mbit speeds nbn would be launching with!

      Not really true, the cable is the cheap part. The equipment at the nodes is not. So spending a heap of money on already outdated equipment makes no sense.

        That is just plain wrong. The actual expense is in digging trenches for the fibre itself. The equipment then comes next and then the cable itself.

        The NBN will be a future-proof option, wireless is already having problems moving to 1Mbit/sec in real-world applications (like in a CBD)

    BUT wait Andrew Bolt says that 4G will be faster that the speed of light!? I CAN'T WAIT!

    As critical as I was (and am) about the cost of the NBN, I've never been critical of the technology. I wasn't aware that optical fibre had this much scope to improve, but I'm glad that it does!

    before people get all excited, they didnt declare what type of fibre was being used.
    the standard G652.D or 655 ITU spec fibres that the NBN will no doubt be using may not be capable of these speeds.

    However they will definitely be capable of a decent percentage of it.

    And yes there is no way wireless will keep up

    Somewhere in Canberra Tony Rabbitt and Malcolm Turnbull just had heart attacks, too much data for them to comprehend... meanwhile real world wireless numbers are just getting slower lol. Seems all the anti-NBN rhetoric will be mostly desperation based from now on, there is a freight train coming and it's carrying 26 terabits!

    Library of Congress hey, come on the world does not revolve around the US and it's ego. Find some new relevant analogy.

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