Psst. You Can Legally Download Aussie Horror Flick The Tunnel Now Via BitTorrent

We're not going to suggest that you use your office work connection to download Aussie horror flick The Tunnel (especially if you happen to work in our office), but you should definitely schedule the download for the film when you get home from work today. And make sure you opt for the 720p version that's on offer.

The HD download is just under 3GB, while the SD version is 700MB worth of downloads. It may take a bit longer for the HD version, but you'll thank us later.

While the filmmakers aren't going to make any money from you downloading the movie for nothing, you can always buy a DVD copy, check it out at limited Hoyts cinemas, as well as buy a frame or two of the finished film. Vodo.Net also have a few options to donate money for film-related paraphernalia.

But most importantly, supporting this film by both downloading it for free and donating money will help show movie studios that digital technologies are not the enemy of film, and the traditional method of staggered release from cinema to DVD is an outdated model that can be done away with.


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