Panasonic’s 2011 TV Lineup Priced And Dated For Australia

Panasonic’s 2011 TV Lineup Priced And Dated For Australia

 title=Yesterday, Panasonic unveiled its 2011 television lineup, with Plasma and LED backlit LCDs running wild everywhere. In addition to iView and apps, here’s what you can expect to pay and when:

Impressively, Panasonic has managed to get its plasmas up to a minimum 5-star energy rating across the board, which is awesome for the supposedly less energy efficient technology. Throw in features like USB recording, MKV and DivX HD playback from USB and SD card and DLNA, and it’s a solid lineup all around.

The TVs are available between now and August, with pricing varied across the range. Here’s what you can expect:

TH-P65VT30A – August, Price TBC
TH-P55VT30A – August, Price TBC
TH-P50VT30A – July, Price TBC
TH-P55GT30A – June, Price $3,299
TH-P50GT30A – June, Price $2,699
TH-P46GT30A – June, Price $2,399
TH-P42GT30A – June, Price $1,949
TH-P65ST30A – August, Price TBC
TH-P60ST30A – August, Price TBC
TH-P55ST30A – May, Price $2,599
TH-P50ST30A – May, Price $1,999
TH-P42ST30A – May, Price $1,599
TH-P50U30A – May, Price $1,399
TH-P42U30A – May, Price $1,099
TH-P50X30A – May, Price $1,049
TH-P42X30A – May, Price $849

TH-L37DT30A – June, Price $1,799
TH-L32DT30A – June, Price $1,499
TH-L42E30A – May, Price $1,449
TH-L32E30A – May, Price $1,099
TH-L42E3A – May, Price $1,199
TH-L32E3A – May, Price $899
TH-L42U30A – June, Price $999
TH-L32U30A – June, Price $749
TH-L32X30A – May, Price $799
TH-L32C30A – May, Price $599

That’s a lot of TVs, right?