Officeworks Jumps On Board The Gadget Recycling Train

Officeworks Jumps On Board The Gadget Recycling Train

 title=There’s no shortage of ways to recycle your gadgets, but if you’re looking for the comfort of having a big company behind your gadget recycling, Officeworks has announced iTradeit, a division that lets you trade your old gadgets for Officeworks gift cards.

The service works much like any other gadget buy back service – using the iTradeit database you pick out the gadget you want to trade, describe its condition and accessories and you’ll be offered a trade in value. Unlike other services though, Officeworks are only offering trade in value on gadgets that are actually working, so if you want to get rid of your old, broken Xbox you might want to try a different store.

At a quick glance, the value of gadgets might not be quite as good as some of the other options on the market – a 16GB iPhone 4 in perfect condition only nets you $444 worth of Officeworks gift card, which is far from the best deal out there.

But in terms of convenience and security, trading in old gadgets at Officeworks may be the most convenient way of recycling your old gadgets, and worth including in your comparisons when you want to clear out your old products.