Off Road Boarding Duo Undoubtedly Powered By Broken Bones And Adrenaline

Scarpar is an off-road skateboard we've seen before as a concept and is now available for pre-order. The DTV Shredder, which is being eyed by the military, is a new one for me. Both would be the end of me.

The Scarpar ranges from $US2,800 to $US3,800 depending on battery pack size and can shoot you forward across rough terrain at speeds up to 45kph. Preorders begin at $US500.

The handlebar-equipped DTV, on the other hand, is $US2,500, can speed along at 48kph and is capable of hauling a trailer with 550kg (!) of cargo.

That's about four or five buddies' worth of weight, so if you're planning on playing medic with your Scarpar-riding friends out in the bush, the DTV is the way to go.

Both models will be available later this year. [Technabob and Technabob]

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