NFC Coming To Australian Woolworths Stores

If there's ever been a reason to make sure your next phone has NFC built in, it's the announcement today that Woolworths will be rolling out Visa PayWave across all its brands over the coming months.

The technology - which has been rolling out across the country in the likes of 7/11 and Bunnings stores - will be coming to all the Woolworths brands, including Woolworths, Big W and Dick Smith, to name a few. As always, it will let you pay for purchases under $100 without having to sign or pin your way through the checkout.

While the only NFC enabled phone currently in Australia - the Google Nexus S - can't actually process NFC payments, the only thing stopping it is a secure NFC app for Android, which Visa will almost certainly release when there are more handsets toting the technology. Here's hoping that doesn't take too long. Until then, we'll all just have to use PayWave or PayPass credit cards.

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