New Yorker iPad Subscription Costs $US1.50 An Issue

Conde Nast's iPad subscription model for the New Yorker has been confirmed and put on sale, with the price being much cheaper than their dead wood version. It'll cost $US6 a month (or $US60 a year), which equates to $US1.50 an issue. Considering the previous stand-alone download of each issue would normally set you back $US5, that's a steal.

HOWEVER (and there's a big however, here) if you subscribe to the print version for $US70 a year, you'll also get an annual subscription to the iPad version thrown in for free too. If I were a New Yorker reader (and had an iPad), I think I'd be willing to pay the extra 10 notes for the luxury of reading it in the bath. [iTunes via All Things D]

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