Never Fall Asleep Playing World Of Warcraft Again!

Never Fall Asleep Playing World Of Warcraft Again!

 title=Driver fatigue is a serious problem, killing hundreds if not thousands of people around the world every day. So it makes sense that gadgets are being created to help drivers stay awake on the roads, like the Nap Zapper. But the most impressive aspect of the Nap Zapper is that you can use it for other activities, like avoiding naptime during a marathon World of Warcraft session.

Tipster Aaron was browsing online gadget seller Top Buy when he noticed the Nap Zapper. The device works by vibrating behind your ears when your head dips below a certain angle, which seems a simple solution to the problem, especially given the $13 price tag.

But what really caught Aaron’s attention wasn’t the device itself, but one of the photos demonstrating its use, where a woman playing WoW had a Nap Zapper attached.

So if you ever find yourself struggling to stay awake during a mega raid, now you know what to do.

[Top BuyThanks Aaron]