NBN Rollout To Be Delayed By Telstra Deal

NBN Rollout To Be Delayed By Telstra Deal

The NBN could take a little bit longer to come knocking on your door, NBN Co Mike Quigley admitted today. The reason? Telstra.

NBN Co and Telstra are working out an arrangement so the new fibre to the home network can use Telstra’s existing pipes to roll out the network cheaper and faster. But Telstra has been caught up with the paperwork side of things, and the agreement isn’t expected to be put to a shareholder vote until November, which means that the rollout of the new network will likewise be delayed.

Quigley told the parliamentary enquiry:

“Even once you’ve signed the definitive agreements, there’s shareholder approvals that need to be done and there’s a process for Telstra to go through that shareholder approval, so there’ll be some months between definitive agreements being executed and shareholder approval”

Disappointing, but hopefully the only major setback the network faces in its construction over the next few years.