‘My E-Cigarette Is Vibrating – There’s A Failed Smoker Nearby’

‘My E-Cigarette Is Vibrating – There’s A Failed Smoker Nearby’

I’m sorry, but if you’re going to smoke e-cigarettes, maybe you should just get back onto the hard stuff, or go cold turkey. You look bloody stupid. If you want to look stupid together though, be my guest.

The pack of electronic cigarettes (why you’d need a pack with more than one beats me) will vibrate and flash blue if someone also smoking Blu’s cigs is within 15m of you. It’s kind of like a Grindr! But for people who couldn’t go cold turkey. Or couldn’t stand not smoking indoors.

I love this snide comment in the New York Times article about Blu:

“You’ll meet more people than ever, just because of the wow factor,” said Jason Healy, the founder of Blu, who did not appear to be making friends as he exhaled the odorless vapor of an e-cigarette at a coffee shop in Midtown Manhattan recently. “It’s like with any new technology.”

A starter pack will set you back $US70, and includes one charger-pack, which holds five cartridges, two e-cigarette batteries, a wall charger and USB charger, plus a five pack of cartridges to stick in the e-cigarette for added flavour. There’s cherry crush, magnificent menthol, java jolt and classic tobacco. Honestly, it’s like they’re marketing these to kids. [Blu via NYT]