Mobile Broadband Can Cost Up To 1,333 Times Fixed Line Broadband

You know how certain people keep proclaiming that wireless technologies are better than fixed broadband technologies like the NBN? Well, it seems they don't factor in the all important aspect of price. As Spandas Lui at ARN has reported, analyst firm Market Clarity has found that mobile broadband can cost up to 1,333 times more than fixed broadband. Ouch.

To be fair, that figure was gained by comparing the most expensive mobile service to the cheapest fixed line service, but even comparing cheap with cheap, mobile broadband is still 27.7 times more expensive than fixed line broadband.

Mobile broadband pricing will come down over time, but it's always going to have a premium price tag over a dedicated fixed line service. And while this particular comparison says nothing about reliability and speeds, which is also a valid argument between the two options, it's an important reminder that wireless will never replace fixed line services, no matter how many people buy iPads.




    Agreed. Even with all the Vodafail issues, I persist with my wireless 'net connection for the convenience and total portability.

    However big downloads are simply out of the question. Gives me an excuse to visit my folks, anyway! :--P

    Ohh c'mon

    blah blah. Cost for convenience historically has not detered people.

    The simple mobile phone against the fixed line public phone. When was the last time you saw one of those. But how much more expensive is the mobile phone? But it doesn't matter. People WANT convenience.

    Even today, people are dropping their copper lines to households to use just their mobile phone as they see it being more convenient having one phone number and less services to pay for. They didn't pick the cheaper option.

    Notebooks, convenience. Wireless connectivity, convenience. Price doesn't really matter in the convenience stake.

    Sure, we need to feed key areas with fibre. But Australia is one big land mass, with a relatively small population.

    We need total coverage, and we need to manage the most effective way to cover such a large land mass. It will come by balancing fibre with wireless technologies (to mainly feed the wireless tech), and to those that wish to pay for FTTH. We need to be smart with the infrastructure.

    Sure, you want FTTH, you can pay for it as you do with other services. I'd rather have 99% coverage whether it be using wireless or fixed.

    With the current NBN plan it does not address many rural areas, where strategic fibre placement to run wireless 4G services will.

    I don't claim to know everything about the different techs out there, or the pros and cons of each. I do know 4G is less prone to lag and has further coverage. I do know wireless technologies will evolve too.

    And I do know there would be a very big percentile that will not opt for FTTH. There will be businesses that need it, organisations that need it. We have to manage tax payers money efficiently and the current plan in my humble point of view can do better for less.

      Thanks Tony

      You are right to a certain degree but when it comes to computer, it is different. With today's technology, we still see only a few that uses netbook, ipad or notebook outside of their house.

      Almost 0 of these people uses it with mobile broadband. Many coffee shop provides wifi. Do you type without a table? Do you ever use your notebook in the middle of no where? You'll find the current mobile phone replacing the need to bring powerful machines outside of a building. Soon a mobile phone will be as powerful as a laptop and be able to dock on and become a desktop.

      By then, building a 4G Australia is just a waste of money.

    It's the main reason I can't be bothered with it- it's just not cost effective, especially for casual use which is all I'd need it for because my home cable broadband is fast enough and convenient enough that I'd never bother replacing that, and my ADSL connection at work is speedy too.

    Even if everyone moved to mobile so you had a better ecconomy of scale it'd STILL be massively more expensive because the cost to ramp up the infrastructure to handle that new load would be extreme. Besides, it's simply more expensive in terms of energy anyway because it's not as efficient. Basically Fail/fail and Abbot is a cretin.

    SLAM this on those ppl FACES who keep promoting "Wireless is the Future", yea if you wanna get Rip*Off compensating Bandwidth prices for recouperating Hardware costs, all YE halfwitz ! SKREW WIRELESS !

    Wireless is the biggest security risk to Australia. A wireless NBN is the worst possible idea. You might as well just open everything up to China.

    Cant we have both FTTH and fast wireless broadband exist together?

    Where I live wireless (& satellite, but no thanks) is the only option - 12 GB download a month is the maximum downloads I can get.

    Don't forget "wireless" technology doesn't just mean mobile broadband. Plenty of people have fixed wireless broadband through wimax which is faster than adsl 1 and around the same price.

    Fuck wireless. I'd rather not have to compensate for the packet loss & lag i'm going to face with online gaming.

    It's bad enough when staying at my friends we can't use her net between about 2 & 7pm due to everyone coming home & using the net & their mobiles. Yeah mobile broadband is just great. & it was the only option in the area for her sadly.

    and she pays as much as I do per month and I get about 10 times the usage & twice the speed. Well she only gets half the speed I get get late at night.

    What's with all the wireless hatred? My unlimited data 4g connection was easily the most cost effective when compared to fixed line alternatives... I dont get it? Why would anyone bother with a copper line if 4g was available?

    Everything needs to be put into perspective. At my residence, ADSL at 1.5mbps is costing me $80 per month inc line rental. All major mobile service providers offer similar speeds significantly cheaper (using mobile tethering). Since I don't play games online anymore, and I don't spend my nights torrenting episodes of How I Met Your Mother, this is perfect for me and I'll be moving on soon.

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