Melbourne Researchers Create New Hearing Aid 'For The iTunes Generation'

Australia has a long history with the humble hearing aid, which makes it no surprise to discover that Melbourne based researchers have completely revolutionised the humble hearing aid with a new device that costs less than half the price of a traditional device and can be customised over the internet and fit by the end user.

Created by Melbourne company Australia Hears, the device costs between $1000 and $1500, or under $3000 for a pair, or significantly less than a traditional hearing aid. By using digital technology, the new device can boost or limit certain frequencies to make hearing more comfortable.

The most interesting element of the new hearing aid is the simplicity. The device can be ordered online, and will be shipped pre-customised to the user following a hearing test or by answering half a dozen questions online. Once received, it can be easily fine-tuned, with settings for different environments like, home, work or the pub.

It's always great to see Australian ingenuity come to the fore, especially when Aussie technology is used to benefit people's day to day living.

[Australia Hears]

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