Loewe TVs Now Let Users Stream Video Content From One TV To Another

You could argue that having a dumb screen connected to a smart box is a much smarter solution to the question of getting digital content to your TV, but Loewe's new Follow Me function looks like a pretty solid feature to have in any TV. It lets you stream video content from any Loewe SL series TV to any other Loewe SL series TV so you can pause the TV program and pick up where you left off in another room.

It works thanks to a hard drive within the main TV which acts as a PVR. It then streams either Live TV or archived recordings to your second Loewe using LAN, or Wi-Fi connections.

Given that Loewe TVs range between $4,000 and $9,000, it's a fairly expensive feature for a fairly expensive designer TV, but given the growing number of connected TVs on the market, features like this are only a firmware update away for many TVs.


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