LiveScribe Smart Pens Now Let You Share Pencasts Via Facebook

LiveScribe Smart Pens Now Let You Share Pencasts Via Facebook

The folks over at Livescribe just keep on making their pens smarter and smarter. Today they’ve announced that you can share your handwritten notes on Facebook, Google Docs, Evernote and as a PDF directly from the notebook itself.

Via a new firmware update, the pen will let you share your notes by simply drawing a horizontal line and doubling back over it, then writing which service you wish to share your note with. Then when you next sync your pen, it will automatically send the selected pages (or even selected part of a page) through the Livescribe desktop software onto the cloud service of choice.

To make this possible, Livescribe has created a new form of PDF which will allow anyone to view a pencast, complete with audio and trackable notes on the page, through Adobe Reader.

At the moment, the Facebook, Evernote and Google Notes functionality are key, but the company expects to expand out to any and all cloud based services, and are currently working on an SDK to help make that a reality.

The new service is broken down into two versions – the free version supports Facebook and Evernote, PDF generation and support for iPhones and iPad, while the premium version adds support for email and Google Docs. the premium version is included on 4GB and 8GB pens, but will be a $14.95 upgrade pack for 2GB pens, both current and older pens.