Leica Rings Made Of Precious Metal Still Cheaper Than Real Thing

The wedding band is a time-honoured tradition since marketers first convinced us we needed them in the late 1940s. Nowadays, they're ubiquitous and for the most part undifferentiated.

Not these wedding rings created for Japanese photographer couple, whose jewellery-maker friend created these custom bands based on the Leica 50mm Summilux lens' focusing and aperture rings - his and hers, respectively. And it's held together by a mini matching Leica M3 ringholder.

I wish them the best but if things ever go awry, I wouldn't mind finding the set at a pawn shop. [Tokyo Camera Style via PetaPixel]


    "focusing and aperture rings – his and hers"

    Awwhh - isn't that sweet, and very disigny too.

    Um, did you read that wiki link?

    Book of Common Prayer - 1662AD

    Byzantine Ring - circa 700AD

    Not exactly the 1940s

      I was just about to say... well done Jason

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