Kogan's Updated Its Android Tablet Specs Again

Kogan's first Agora tablet was announced last month, but was shortly met with some criticism after it was revealed that its specs weren't as good as originally thought. Well, the specs have been tweaked again, except this time it's to give customers a better device. Can't imagine anyone complaining about this.

In a blog post yesterday, Kogan outlined the upgrades to its maiden 7-inch Android tablet:

The new additional features include -

· Now compatible with 3G USB Dongles · FREE upgrade to a 2.0 MP Camera (Formerly 1.3 MP) · FREE upgrade to a 1 GHz processor with dedicated 200Mhz graphics processor · Now compatible with external hard drives and USB sticks up to 1TB

The update applies to all Agora tablets, including those ordered in the first shipment last month. For no extra cost, that's a pretty good improvement.




    I wish they'd quote the graphics chips... why is this so hard??

    remember how PCs exist!? why can't any of the people in the tablet/smartphone industry acknowledge this and LEARN from what has been done there!

    The email also stated the ship date will be pushed back by a week to implement the improvements. It’s as if saying: We have fulfillment issues, it’ll be delayed, but hey, the crappy camera’s been made a little less crappy, we added a graphics coprocessor and a firmware update addresses some other issues…

    I ordered the tablet for my overseas trip which starts 1st June… I won’t get my tablet in time for the trip. The whole reason I agreed to get the tab was because Kogan’s good about their ship dates, and it was before I flew out. The delay’s not huge, but it makes the tablet less useful to me.

    No 3g included? Would look very strange having a 3G usb stocking out the top of the unit IMO :S

    Great that they've upped the specs without extra cost (though a shame for those who were relying on the shipdate).

    The one spec that'd change my mind about (re)ordering is the display resolution - when they "corrected" it from 1024x768 to 800x480, that brought it down from a fantastic deal to merely a good one, but one I didn't need that much.

    On CatchOfTheDay you can get a 7" tablet with half the specs for half the price, or you could pay 3x or 4x the price for a 10" screen, but this Kogan for well under $200 seems a great price / performance deal against other 7" 1Ghz tablets.

    The lower specced one I got via TodayzDeals after 2 months (was meant to be within 21 days) and it had a cracked screen. returned it and took many calls and 5 more weeks to get the money back. It was only $118 incl shipping, but still, v poor service. I did have a play with it though, and it has a resistive touch screen, not capacitive, and was extremely slow to respond to any command, I wouldn't recommend it.

    my usb port as stopped working on my kogan tab can you help me to fix problem or advise me who can.

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