Keep Your Stubble Out Of Trouble With The Power Of USB

Travelling with gadgets can be one of the most frustrating experiences a person can endure. Not because of the gadgets themselves, but because of the countless number of chargers you need to carry with you to keep your stuff charged. Remington has made at least one of your travel gadgets easier to travel with though, launching a USB-powered facial trimmer.

The device charges through a standard MicroUSB port, completely eradicating the need for an additional charger in your suitcase. They claim you'll get about 40 minutes worth of cordless usage, and it includes a various comb lengths and a pop-up trimmer for precision grooming. It's available now for $64 RRP, although you could probably pick it up cheaper online, and because it charges via USB, you won't need to worry about different voltages from around the world.

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