Keep Track Of What You're Eating With Foodish

People love taking pictures of food. Hell, it's basically a rite of passage when you buy a smartphone. But I've never figured out what the hell for. At least with this Foodish app, you can create an organised pseudo-food journal.

Foodish is attractively simple, there's your pictures of what you ate casually displayed as if it was on a board, an option to add more photos and a chart to see your happiness (or health meter). You can swipe up and down the screen to see what you've eaten for the day, swipe across the screen to move from day to day, or fast forward a week with onscreen buttons.

It doesn't pay much mind to exact caloric intake but it allows you to give happy face ratings to the overall 'healthiness' of a meal. Be honest, now. It'll track those happy faces in a graph so you can see how bad your diet was over the weekend. Also, it's meant to be a personal journal so it's not as social as Foodspotting (where you take pictures for other people to see), but there are options to share your Foodish pictures to Twitter and Facebook. $2.49 [iTunes]

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