JBL's Studio One Speakers Are Both Funky And Affordable

The usual reaction around here whenever a speaker announcement is made by the likes of JBL goes something like this: "Wow! That looks amazing! How much is it? Oh, that much. Well, I'll keep dreaming then..." But the Studio One speakers are actually within the realms of affordability for the everyman! Rejoice in the splendour of high end audio!

JBL has dubbed the design ethos behind the new speaker lineup as "The Weave", which kind of sounds a bit pretentious, even if it does look great.

There's a variety of speakers available to choose from in the range, with prices starting at $399 for the 120c center channel speaker and $499 a pair for the 130 satellites. There are also a coupl eof subwoofers to choose from.

Here's the complete price breakdown:

Studio 130 - $499 pair Studio 120c - $399 each Studio 180 – $1199 pair Studio 190 – $1599 pair Studio 140P – $699 Studio 150P - $999

Sure, it's not exactly cheap, but very affordable for a great looking speaker system.


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