Japanese University Can’t Stop Building Robotic Babies

Japanese University Can’t Stop Building Robotic Babies

Researchers at Osaka University previously brought us Affetto, the disembodied baby head who was supposed to teach us empathy (or something). Now roboticists at Osaka’s Hosoda Lab have built Pneuborn-7II and Pneuborn-13, pint-sized robots that emulate infants’ movements.

The robots get their names from their tiny pneumatic muscles – Pneuborn-7II mimics the movement of a seven-month-old, whereas Pneuborn-13 imitates a 13-month-old walking. These bots will debut at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Shanghai later this week.


While it’s well and good that researchers are applying biomechanical principles to machines, a nagging suspicion tells me this won’t end well. It’s like we’re witnessing the birth of some adorable lil’ Cylons. [via Plastic Pals]

Republished from io9