Is Sony’s New Handheld Called ‘Vita’?

Is Sony’s New Handheld Called ‘Vita’?

It’s the week before E3. There are rumours buzzing around like flies on a turd. Here’s the biggest fly, then, from the weekend: that the NGP has a name. And that name is “Vita”.

Now, there’s a sordid tale behind this, beginning with “leaked” snaps from a supposed marketing brochure and ending with the original source of the rumour deleting itself from the internet with an apology for being “stupid”.

Along the way, though, there’s been plenty of conversation, some (with good reason) calling the pics bullshit, others upset at the name – which is Latin for “life” – in scenes eerily similar to the complaints over the Wii’s branding prior to its release.

Whether Vita is indeed the handheld’s name or not we don’t know at this stage, nor are we going to toss a coin and judge. We’re just dropping it here for public record and discussion, in case it’s actually on the money.

If it is, though, I like it! PlayStation Vita would be a fresh start for a console family deemed unsuccessful (despite its impressive sales) in the wake of the Nintendo DS’ dominance, and with other Sony products called things like “Vaio” doesn’t sound that “out there” or unlikely from the company.

Kotaku reached out to Sony for comment.