Imagine A Tablet Cookbook That Won't Get Sticky

Gilt Taste, the high end grocery store concept by world class food writer Ruth Reichl, is going to have an iPad app with pages you can flip without touching the screen. This is nothing less than mega brilliant.

Cooking with cookbooks always meant sauce, flour, honey, animal blood, olive oil and other various things that make up delicious food get all over your pages. And iPad kitchen and cooking apps, in theory, are supercharged equivalencies that in general can email ingredient lists sorted by supermarket aisle, provide instructional videos, links to suppliers, and download endless recipes and lessons. But the only thing worse than tarting up a cookbook is gunkifying or even destroying a piece of expensive electronics. This idea solves that problem so deftly that I can only wish that every cookbook in tablet form will adopt this technology.

How will it work? It'll use the camera to detect swipes. That won't be great for battery life, but if my iPad won't smell like fish. Again. [TechCrunch]

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