How To Root Your Motorola Atrix Quickly And Easily

The Motorola Atrix isn't launching officially until June, but I've been playing with one for a week or so now, and I've just managed to root it after a frustrating search through old and half-arsed bits of information floating about the internet. Here's the complete step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Rooting your Atrix lets you give Motorola and Telstra the finger by granting you complete control over the phone, extending functionality that you wouldn't have otherwise (like removing bloatware), and is a prerequisite for installing a custom ROM. There are other root methods out there, but this one definitely works with the Telstra-issued Atrix that will be officially hitting stores on June 7.

At this point in time, the Atrix can only be rooted on a Windows machine. The instructions below are specifically for rooting the Atrix on a Windows 7 computer, and does not install or "flash" any custom ROMs. Remember - rooting removes the limitations placed by carriers and manufacturers that were put on the phone for your own good, and therefore introduces the possibility of bricking your phone and rendering it unusable. Proceed at your own risk.

1. Download the USB drivers relevant to your Windows 7 machine (32-bit or 64-bit). 2. Make sure your Atrix has an SD card. 3. Make sure your Atrix is unplugged from the computer.

4. On your Atrix, go to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> tick "USB debugging". 5. Plug your Atrix to your computer via the USB cable. 6. Pull down the notification drawer on your Atrix and tap "USB connection". Select "none" and press OK. 7. Unplug your Atrix and reboot it. Plug the phone back into your computer with the USB cable. 8. Extract the contents of this .rar file onto your computer. 9. Go to the extracted folder and double click on the "SevensPrep" batch file. This will launch a command prompt that installs Gingerbreak and System Recovery onto your Atrix. Follow the prompts.

10. When the prompt closes, open the Gingerbreak app in your Atrix's app drawer. Tap "Root device". It may take a few minutes for the phone to reboot. 11. After the phone reboots, go to your Atrix's app drawer and open the System Recovery app. Tap "Install Recovery". 12. You will get a Superuser prompt. Make sure the "Remember" box is ticked and hit "Allow". It will then tell you that installation has completed.

That's it! Your Atrix is now rooted! Go ahead and download some root-only apps (my favourites are Root Explorer, Screen Grabber and Titanium Backup).

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    Nice guide.. but I thought Telstra had said their apps were removable anyway? (unless that was just the Xoom)

      That's what I thought too. I tried to delete the Bigpond and Telstra app pre-root, but it wouldn't let me.

        Nup, I've installed the Telstra FW on my Bell Canada Atrix, and had to root + Titanium Backup to delete/freeze the Telstra bloat...

    @Alex I haven't had much luck removing the Telstra apps rather annoyingly.

    Wow, that phone is pretty much pure sex isn't it?

      Its a great phone, but desperately needs Gingerbread.... Android 2.2 doesn't do it justice IMO (and lacks full dual core threading support)

    love the atrix, I've had mine for a little while now but it's the AT&T model.

    Get the updates as soon as they're released from AT&T (still not on 2.3x yet tho) but have been able to remove the bloat at&t apps with no ill-effects on performance or ability to perform OTA updates

    I know this will turn me into a prime redneck but i thought if something was "rooted" in Aussie slang it ment it was broken.

      Haha, you are entirely correct there. Although in the Android world, "root" means something entirely different.

      It comes from Linux terminology, where a system has a "root" user who essentially has 100% access over the entire system (similar to how if you root an Android device, you get full control over the system).

      LOL! Ya. So it basically means that if you fail to properly root your device, it'll probably end up rooted either way. :)

    In Australia, to 'ROOT' something (or someone) is to fuck it, or them.

    WTF? Frustrating? Why didn't you just go to in the first place!

    Its the be all end all modding site for pretty much every smart phone on the market!

    "At this point in time, the Atrix can only be rooted on a Windows machine."

    This aint true at all, the Gingerbreak method works fine via a mac by loading the apk via adb.
    You need the android sdk & usb debugging turned on (as per the instructions above).

    So I have just received notification from Telstra that the long awaited Gingerbread software is ready to be downloaded and installed!!

    This update is available by going to Settings> About Phone> System U\updates.

    Having a rooted phone - like most people reading this now - can someone save us all a lot of time searching google and simply advise us if its OK or NOT OK to proceed with the update.

    Thanks in advance.

    hii, can someone upload again the file ? it's unavailable

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