How Fast Is The New iMac's Graphics Card?

The stock graphics card in the new Thunderbolt-y iMacs is AMD's Radeon HD 6970M, in 1GB or 2GB flavours. How powerful is it?

It was benchmarked a few months ago. The bottom line? At the time, it was pretty fast (for Modern Warfare 2, at 1920x1080 with 4x AA and the highest detail settings it averaged 77.4fps), but not as fast as the fastest mobile chip, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 480M series. [Tom's Hardware, Notebook Check]


    Apple. Making old things new again...

    Yup, if you want a copmuter as powerful as a compact barebones workstation.. like the ones that Dell ship to businesses en masse for $500 (but include a $70 graphics card).. then the new iMac is for you and will only set you back $2k. *roll eyes*

    I can't wait for them to start advertising them as "next gen" (it's really not), and "crazy powerful" (if you compare it to a 4yo laptop).

    ...and then you need to deal with the bottomless pit of despair that is OSx.

    get your facts right.... its a great GFX card... way more powerful than the previous. Sure its no alien ware box, but its still a great card.. low power, and low heat, just the right chip for a all in one imac.

      lol at alienware response.

      any product is alienware compared to apple's innards.

    And the new AMD Radeons should come out in a couple of months... gawd I love having a proper desktop!

    No, the 6970M is much faster than the GTX 480M. The 480M's performance is about the same as a GTX 470M, and is utterly trashed by the 6970M.

    On average, the 6970M wins by a margin of 30%.

    And btw, the 480M is definitely not the fastest mobile chip. The 485M is.

    Even then, the 6970M can beat the 485M in some titles.

    Please fix this, Gizmodo.

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