High-Design Speakers: Music To Your Ears And Murder To Your Wallet

In your traditional loudspeakers, the individual drivers are all stacked in a column on the face of the speaker. The problem with that setup is that the varying frequencies will interfere with one another, which results in a distorted sound. Or so say the KEF engineers (and I'm gonna take their word for it given that I was lost at "driver").

Their new Blade speakers are designed specifically to avoid such interference. Rather than blasting the full range of sound solely out of the front face of the speaker, they set two opposing pairs of mid-range drivers on the sides of the cabinet with the tweeter alone on the front. By setting it up this way, the sound appears to come from a single distortion-free source. Get ready to give up an arm and a leg for the privilege of pampering your ears — systems retail for $US30,000.

[KEF via Hypebeast]

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