Happy Birthday, Internode!

Happy Birthday, Internode!

 title=While many good sons and daughters spent yesterday honouring the women who gave them life, there was another, slightly geekier celebration happening as well, as Internode celebrated its 20th birthday. Happy Birthday, Internode!

Consistently rated as one of the countries most loved ISPs, Internode was brought kicking and screaming into this world by Simon Hackett on May 8, 1991 after turning down a somewhat lucrative job offer in Silicon Valley.

On its path to adulthood, the ISP has not only grown to become one of the country’s biggest ISPs, but also one of the most innovative. As well as driving ADSL and wireless technologies forward in its home town of Adelaide, Internode was also one of the first companies to roll out ADSL2+ services, has been leading the way in the transition to IPv6 and brough the joys of the Chumby to Australia a couple of years back.

So, while it’s still quite early on a Monday morning, join us for a virtual toast for Internode on its successes leading up to its birthday yesterday.

Image: Wikimedia Commons