Google Will Remove Any Illegal, Unauthorised Music From Its Cloud

Word from Google IO is that Google Music will delete user MP3s, if the copyright holder has a legitimate claim against their music being on the server. And it will use the same backend tech to do so as YouTube.

For end users, this means that album/song leaks and pirated music will not be tolerated. And though it seems like it will be difficult to distinguish what's pirated and what's not, Google will probably use that same analysis tech they use for playlists to verify you have the right to upload that track to Google Music (spectral analysis could expose rips from different sources). And that means if you've happened to download a leak or any unauthorised rip from the internet, then uploaded it to Google Music, it could be taken down.

And not that Google is wrong for doing so, but that will kill the appeal of Google Music for some people out there. [Google IO]


    i dont see this as a problem as longs as they give me a simple solution to purchase the songs they want to or are about to remove.

    The reason i download shit is its to hard to find a single online store that sells everything let alone a physical disk. The music companies only have themselves to blame for this will their licensing restrictions and regional publishing deals. I actually find new material through sharing networks and not via radio or magazines or any of that crap.

    I occasionally do go through my itunes library and purchase things i had previously stolen so would itif google could help me do this and help me replace my collection with paid for content over time.

    I don't really understand how Google will know if I've uploaded my own mp3 downloaded from iTunes or if somebody else has uploaded a copy of my mp3. This has to be a larger proportion of infringements than leaks where any copy could be deleted. Google won't know my iTunes ID so even if it's embedded in the file they won't know which copy is legitimate.

    Well I wont bother uploading anything to it. That will stop any of my music potentially not uploading even though I own the albums.

    I seriously don't understand the appeal of this at all, you need a smartphone to enjoy this, and everyone I know has a smartphone with decent memory specs in their pockets anyway.

    I've definitely got more memory on my iPhone than I have data allowance.

    @Sicarius123, They let you upload 20,000 songs, that's a lot of space to free up on your SD card.

    I uploaded 1,000 songs that I thought I owned the rights to. I'm too lazy to rip my own stuff - I download everything online as far as having mp3s of my own music.

    I've since removed all of this because I don't keep receipts, lose CDs, etc. and I don't want to be the first one the RIAA tries and sues over Google Music.

    For the time I've tried it, though, it was a great service. Quality is great and you can cache favorite albums to your phone so that you don't have to worry about them being unplayable without an internet connection.

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