GhostTown App Plays Any Searchable Song On The Web For Free

GhostTown is a music aggregating app that's definitely worth a peek - assuming it doesn't violate some part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that the RIAA would inevitably use to destroy it.

A lot of the appeal is in its simplicity. Just search for the artist, song or album, and GhostTown sifts through the interwebs looking for a match. When it finds one, it plays it. None of the "Since you liked X, try Y!" annoyances you get with other apps. Just the song you asked for.

GhostTown lets you create playlists and select favourites, as you would expect. There's no limit to how many songs you can query. And you can either get the free, ad-supported version or dish out the $1 for ad-free goodness. [Android Market via Droid Life]

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