Geoloqi Makes Location Tracking Awesome Instead Of Creepy

Geoloqi Makes  Location Tracking Awesome Instead Of Creepy

Your iPhone knowing your every move without your knowledge and without function: bad thing. Your phone knowing your every move so that you can share it with friends, receive geotagged reminders, and keep track of travels: very, very cool.

Geoloqi, which desperately needs a better looking app icon, crams almost every conceivable location service into one tidy package. Trying to meet up with a friend and don’t feel like explaining your coordinates over the dive bar din? Send a link to your spot via Geoloqi (and choose when it expires, for privacy’s sake). Automatic Foursquare checkins? Yup. Don’t want you roommate to bring a girl over because you’re studying, and the sound of them pounding against the wall is really, really irritating? Set Geoloqi to shoot him an email every time you get back to your place. Do whatever you want with it! The flexibility is pretty impressive – and it’s free.

Note to Apple: people like this stuff. You just have to tell them about it. [iTunes]