ElliptiGO 3C For When You Can’t Decide Between Cycling Or Running

ElliptiGO 3C For When You Can’t Decide Between Cycling Or Running

The world’s first elliptical bike has been updated with three speeds for even more calf-toning bike riding/jogging. I guess their thinking goes along the lines of why just cycle or job, when you can do both at once?

This new model, the ElliptiGO 3C, adds new features but is also cheaper than the first one, at $US1800. That’s still quite a lot for a novelty bike that may incur some pointed fingers and shielded laughter, but if you’re hellbent on ramping your exercise efforts up a notch, this could be just the thing. It can fit users’ heights from 5 feet to 6’8″, and the stride length can also be tailored to suit leg length.

More deets are included in the release below, or on ElliptiGO’s website. Don’t like the orange? It also comes in a similarly lurid green and safer black. [ElliptiGO]


Elliptical Biking Pioneer Offers New Product for Everyday Fitness and Cross Training

SAN DIEGO (May 3, 2011)-ElliptiGO, the creator of the world’s first elliptical bike, today announced the availability of the ElliptiGO 3C, a new three-speed elliptical bike. The introduction of the 3C expands the elliptical biking category, introducing more consumers to the fun and exhilaration of the ElliptiGO experience. By combining the best elements of cycling with the natural strides of the running motion, the ElliptiGO 3C delivers a high-performance, low-impact workout for all active adults, from casual exercisers to cross-training athletes. The 3C joins the original ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle, the 8S, in the company’s current product line for consumers.

“We created the 3C to deliver a high-performance workout experience with less impact by combining the most popular cardio exercises-running, cycling and the elliptical trainer-into one incredibly fun to use product,” said Bryan Pate, co-founder and co-president, ElliptiGO. “The riding experience is similar to that of our original 8S elliptical bike but at a lower price point, allowing us to reach more people with this new form of exercise. We are excited to continue growing the elliptical bicycle category as well as the community of ElliptiGO riders and enthusiasts.”

The ElliptiGO 3C retails for $US1,799. Key user experience elements include:

High Performance, Low Impact-The elliptical motion of the ElliptiGO 3C closely mimics the running experience with all of the cardiovascular benefits and none of the impact

Comfortable Riding-Users can customise the 3C frame and stride for the most comfortable cycling experience. The telescoping steering column is adjustable to accommodate riders of heights from 5’0″ to 6’8″, and the elliptical stride length can also be modified to accommodate different stride preferences and pedaling profiles

Handling and Maneuverability-The 3C is designed to handle and manoeuvre similar to a conventional road bike. Riders can steer, turn, brake and ride smoothly on both flat terrain and mild hills

Intuitive Movement-The 3C is powered by an elliptical or running-like movement that most active adults are already very comfortable with, allowing new users to become comfortable riding within a short period of time

Key ElliptiGO 3C features include:

Aluminum-Based-The drive arms and frame of the 3C are made from 6000 and 7000 series aluminium alloys selected for their light weight, performance and durability

Customized Gearing for Performance on the Flats-The 3C is built around a Sturmey-Archer three-speed internally-geared hub that offers ElliptiGO riders who ride mostly in flat areas an ideal range of speeds. On the 3C, ElliptiGO riders can cruise comfortably on the flats at speeds of 12-15 mph or get a good training session in by pushing it to a max speed of 20-25 mph. Additionally, the three-speed gear range enables 3C riders to climb some hills (up to five percent grade inclines), making it a great workout tool in most environments

New Color-The 3C will be available in green, black and orange. Green and black are ElliptiGO’s signature and most popular colours, while orange is a new colour selected by popular demand from ElliptiGO customers who are looking for a colour that is visible and safe on the road and has a sleek, high-performance feel

“We developed the 3C to enable anyone who is looking to train primarily on the flats to enjoy a fantastic workout experience at a lower price point. We were able to achieve this cost reduction without sacrificing a high-performance workout experience by tailoring the riding experience for flatter areas,” said Brent Teal, co-founder, lead engineer and chief product designer, ElliptiGO. “As a result, the 3C is an accommodating elliptical bicycle that can support the needs of a wide range of users, from casual exercisers to elite athletes.”