Dot Gives Your iPhone A 360-Degree Video Eyeball

Everyone loves panoramas. But they're usually kind of tricky to shoot - and video? Forget it. But the Dot attachment by Kogeto is a clever add-on for your iPhone 4 that turns it into a 360-shooting machine.

Dot's still in the Kickstarter womb at the moment, but the pre-production models look great. Although the snap-on lens will only give you a distorted mess when you use the default camera app, Kogeto's software gives you smooth, swipe-navigable video, all the way around. Plus, you can share it. Plop your phone down on at able at your birthday party, and have a virtual-recreation the next day - then shoot it to all your guests.

Kogeto's taking preorders already (at $US100 bucks), which may or may not be worth it for a single-function accessory. But it's a certainly a cool single function. [Kickstarter]

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