Doomsday Sneaker Speakers Will Destroy The World One Foot At A Time

You could almost imagine the story behind the Sneaker Speakers from Sneaker Freaker magazine being a long lost Dr Seuss story, but the truth is a lot more entertaining. Created by sneaker artist Nash Money with input from underground hip-hop artists MF Doom for Sneaker Freaker magazine, the Doomsday Sneaker Speakers are working speakers embedded in the world's largest pair of Puma shoes.

The project took about four weeks to create, and needed to meet MF Doom's demanding specifications, which included the following high-tech demands:

- red LEDs, gems and rubies - sci-fi and laser guns - mad villain shit! - comics and chrome - gothic shit! - def hard metal - not timber! - modern architecture and geometry - gadgets and metal shit! - mad exclamation marks!

As you can see, the end result looks amazing. Sneaker Freaker has a full rundown of the build, including a behind the scenes look at how NashMoney actually built the equipment. With a build this good looking, it almost wouldn't matter how the speakers actually sounded, although with so many dials and buttons, they'd have to sound good, right?

[Sneaker Freaker]

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