Don't Forget – Backups Are Only Backed Up If They Aren't All Stored Together

Being a Giz reader, you're sure to have at least one, and probably two backups of your important documents. But a story in The Canberra Times is a timely reminder that having all your backups next to eachother is no backup solution at all.

Woodfire potter Ian Jones and his his wife lost everything to a fire in their home and art gallery on Friday night. Despite having everything backed up on two computers, an external hard drive and a USB stick, all four sources of content were stored in the house when it went down in flames last week.

Among the documents lost forever were 40,000 words of Jones' nearly completed PhD in Fine Arts, plus photos of the couple's daughter growing up.

It's a timely reminder that even when you are backing up, make sure you're backing up offsite as well to ensure your important data is actually safe.

[The Canberra Times - Thanks Simon!]

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