Does Your iPad 2 Have Backlight Bleed? Blame LG

If your iPad 2 is anything like mine, horrendous yellow spots start populating along the edges of the screen whenever something dark is on the screen. As it turns out, a manufacturing defect in LG-produced LCD panels is to blame.

According to Digitimes, both Samsung and LG were manufacturing panels for the iPad 2 at launch, but once the defect popped up, LG was forced to halt production. LG acknowledged (and fixed) the defect, and will begin shipping panels again in the next fiscal quarter. And, if you've been holding off on returning your defective iPad, it might be safe to swap it out. [Digitimes via AppleInsider via TheNextWeb]


    Called apple today about the light bleed on my iPad 2 they said try a full software restore, I told them that it was a hardware issue not software, they still insisted on a software restore, if that didn't fix the problem they told me to take in for repair and provided details on a repair agent, called the agent and was told they could not repair the iPad 2. Apple does not have an apple store in Adelaide, Australia. Any suggestions?

      take it back to where you bought it from. As they must deal with repair and warranties under Australian law. if you have any problems call the ACCC or download there new app

    You have 3 months of free apple care support along with the regular 12 month warranty. You'll have to persists on the phone until you get the right person or ask to speak to a supervisor. If you bought it in a store then take it back there and mention the addmission of the hardware flaw. If you bought it online then it's a bout of phone marathons I'm afraid. Don't give up on the first try, invoke your rights as a customer and if they give you grief, ask to speak to someone higher up, or mention you'll be speaking to the consumer affairs department, and ask them for their full name as you'll be documenting all communications. Don't get angry, keep a monotone approach and you'll get what you're after. All the best.

    Try NextByte they have 2 stores in SA .

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