Does Anybody Read Digital Magazines?

It was interesting to see that not only was the long form feature article on Portal 2 released as an iPad app, but that it was also well received by fans of the game. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that it wasn't simply part of a high quality digital magazine.

We all know that publishes were celebrating the arrival of the iPad as the saviour of magazine and newspaper publishing. As well as incorporating the ability to get your favourite mag on a device you carry around with you all the time, it also let traditional print publishers incorporate video and social media elements into their publications.

But despite the publisher's positivity, the overall response seems to be underwhelming towards digital magazine publishing. There's plenty of reasons why it would work nicely, but why hasn't it taken off, especially given how many millions of iPads have been sold around the world?

Do you read magazines or newspapers on the iPad? If you do, what do you read? If not - what's stopping you? Let us know in comments.

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