Deception Of Reflection Mirror Hopes To Get You To Look At Yourself Differently

Aussie designer John Leung, the mind behind most of the concepts we've seen from Melbourne architects Clarke Hopkins Clarke, has come up with one final design ebefore going out on his own. The Deception of Reflection mirror uses a honeycomb structure in the frame to make it seem like the frame is a different colour in its reflection.

According to Leung:

"Reflection is deceptive. How you see yourself in the mirror is somehow different to how people see you or how you appear in photos and portrayals – both physically and perceptually. Your frame of mind is one of the many factors that determine the intensity of the deception.

As an analogy of this phenomenon, the “Deception of Reflection” Mirror is designed – an ordinary mirror with an extraordinary mirror frame. The frame’s reflection is somehow different to itself!!

No, it’s not a trick mirror or a funny mirror. This effect, which works with any mirror, is created by a special honeycomb surface on the frame, manufactured using coloured 3D printing. Two different colours are embedded into each of the concaved honeycomb cell walls so that at most viewing angles, our eyes see one colour and the mirror reflects another. The optical illusion serves as a reminder that, whenever one reviews oneself, bias exists depending on your frame of mind and point of view."

I'm not sure it would make you think you look better than you actually do (or worse, for that matter), but it is a kind of funky concept.


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