Chevy Sells More Volts In Six Months Than Tesla Sells Roadsters Ever

Tesla Motors, hailed by all as the saviour of the planet, has been selling the all-electric Roadster model since 2008. Three-and-a-half years later, the automaker reports it has sold "more than 1500" of the electric-powered two-seaters.

GM, the automaker that "killed" the electric car, began selling the extended-range electric Chevy Volt this past December. Six months later, the automaker reports it has sold 1703 may-never-need-petrol-if-you-rarely-drive Chevy Volts.

Are these two vehicles at all comparable? No. Is this a race that's relevant? No. It is even a race? No, not really. But, if selling "green" were a race, I think GM's about ready to lap Tesla.

Then again, at 573 units, Nissan sold more Leafs this month than Chevy sold Volts (493).

Republished from Jalopnik

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