Can You Believe This 'Entry Level' Turntable Costs $US28,400?

Personally, I think this turntable looks like a really poor attempt at making a cake look like a tree trunk candle, but apparently it's $US28,400 worth of audiophilic record-playing quality. It's only Audio Consulting's entry-level model mind you - the mind boggles at the thought of what they'd price their high-end model at.

It only uses two watts of battery power when in use, but does that justify the price? No sirree. Does the fact it's made from wood, which supposedly gives it a better sound quality, mean you should forego a brand new car and get this R-evolution Minima instead? Probably not. But wait! It looks like a tree trunk candle/cake! Suddenly I understand. [Audio Consulting via On-Top Audio via Born Rich]

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