Can Nanotech Filters Make Cigarettes Less Bad?

Smoking cigarettes is a pretty disgusting habit and pretty bad for you. The smoke, the smell, the higher chance of lung cancer - not good stuff. But it's addictive and clears people's mind! So, how can scientists make it less bad for us? Titanate nanotubes.

Right now, cigarettes use cellulose acetate filters - they're cheap and somewhat effective at filtering out nicotine, tar, rat poison and whatever else they throw in those sticks. But there's obviously better technology than that! Scientists had looked at carbon nanotubes but they're expensive - which doesn't work for big business - and some researchers are concerned with the unknownness of using carbon as filters.

So scientists at Fuzhou University in China used titanate nanotubes as filters. They're much cheaper than carbon nanotubes and block out a lot more crap than the current filters. Of course, smoking is still bad for you, but improving filtration technology is a good thing. [PhysOrg via Fast Company]

Image credit: Shutterstock/Joe Hamilton

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