Bose VideoWave Is A $7,999 Home Theatre System In A TV

Bose VideoWave Is A $7,999 Home Theatre System In A TV

 title=According to Bose, only one in three homes have home theatre systems installed at home. That’s not good enough! To try and get more people enjoying the wonders of high quality home entertainment audio, Bose has gone and created its very first TV, and stuffed it full of high quality audio speakers.

Dubbed the VideoWave, the product consists of a 46-inch 1080p LCD panel, plus a collection of 16 speakers targeting different frequencies that are able to be shot around the room, creating an immersive surround sound feeling. The TV is connected to a single receiver console, which offers five HDMI connections plus an iPod dock and a universal remote that can control all components in your home theatre system.

The Click Pad remote is possibly the most interesting element of the whole system. Working a bit like a classic iPod, the remote features a touch sensitive square that when touched, brings up a contextual on screen menu around the outside of the picture, which only relates to the device you’re controlling.

The TV itself is chunky, looking almost more like a rear projection screen, but it still works with most 46-inch VESA wall mounting brackets, and comes with a dedicated stand designed to prevent toppling over.

For $7,999, it’s definitely still in that premium product space that Bose occupies so well, even though it’s relatively easy to spend more than that on a quality home theatre setup. But if you have concerns about managing multiple remotes or running cables through your home, it’s definitely a unique and workable solution.