Bitcoin Mining Looks Like Growing Pot To The Police

You may have heard of Bitcoin. A new virtual currency used by hackers. Miners producing the currency are getting some unwanted attention from police who mistake them for pot dealers.

It all comes down to electricity usage. A rack of computers producing Bitcoins will use a lot of electricity per day. On paper, this excessive electricity usage matches that of a marijuana growing facility. More than one miner has been greeted by a team of police ready to make a big pot bust. Imagine the swat teams surprise when all they find are a bunch of nerds with lots of computers. [BitCoin Miner via COmputerworld]


    I've had "Bitcoin" working on my PC for a week now and It hasn't done a damn thing... Clearly I'm doing something wrong, but the options on the program aren't much help!!

      It's because it requires ridiculous amounts of power/time to generate coins, hence why they need server farms to do it..........

      Yeah, the probability of you receiving bitcoins is determined by how much cpu power you are giving to the network.
      So the only way to one-up all the other bitcoin users is to have more and faster computers running the bitcoin program.

      Personally, bitcoin makes me suspicious, even if it is open source...

    Step 1. Setup servers to mine Bitcoins.
    Step 2. Get raided by police who mistake it for a hydroponic pot farm.
    Step 3. Wait till the dust settles, take down servers.
    Step 4. Setup hydroponic pot farm.

    Your address is legit now so no more raids and Bitcoins you previously mined could potentially buy your hydroponic equipment :-)

      Someone should give you a medal for this idea.

      Brb growing pot.

      genius idea - you will go far Grasshopper !!

    Bitcoin to Pot ratio = Pot farm wins and produces way more than bitcoin, but you cant get busted for bitcoin :) and i do like my smoke

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