Bin Laden’s Ex-Girlfriend Starts Twitter War With Rapper

Bin Laden’s Ex-Girlfriend Starts Twitter War With Rapper

Well this is certainly bizarre. You might think author and former love of Osama bin Laden (!) Kola Boof might want to keep a low profile. Given, you know, the whole having sex with Bin Laden thing. Not quite!

Boof, not content to probably have many millions of people detest her for romancing the world’s most hated human, took aim at prominent DC rapper Wale. More than just took aim. Went off the deep, deep end, accusing him of white supremacism (?) and a whole panoply of other racially charged accusations. Wale sayeth: this will not stand!

“I can sit up here and say you were porking terrorist…like a lot of your peers say. But I’d rather not…,” he tweeted back. That’s a pretty resounding shot in return, but he didn’t stop there. “Your [sic]a disgusting human being, an absolute disgrace to the very people you pretend to endorse.” Kaboom!

Boof replied with another flurry of gibberish, concluding “FUCK WALE. End of discussion.” Well. You’re going to have to argue better than that if you want to ingratiate people away from your terrorist-porking past.

So who won? At the end of the day, Wale is a pretty popular rapper, and Kola Boof is a woman who screwed Osama bin Laden. So, yeah. [via Atlantic Wire]