Big W Selling Optus My Tab For $99 This Week

If you have a spare hundred bucks lying around, Big W is selling the 7-inch Optus My Tab Android tablet for $99 from Wednesday this week. Sure, it's only Android 2.1 and only has a resistive touchscreen, but as a secondary screen for the kids to play Angry Birds on, it's an absolute bargain. [BigW - Thanks Brent!]


    one question...why?

      Because people will buy it, derp.

    I'm gonna grab one. You can upgrade to official 2.2, and there is an unofficial 2.3 upgrade still WIP. Check the whirlpool forums.

    mmm the Big W link not working for me. says "offer has ended"

    Do you need to sign up to any contracts for this?

      Nope. Weird on the link - works for me. It's in the catalogue sale starting on Wednesday

    Standard Optus price starting tomorrow... price drop will be nationwide wherever it's sold; nit limited to big w and not just for one week. Price should be reflected on Optus website tomorrow... that's when the price reduction starts.

    millennius had theres for $99 a month ago already... bit slow big w

    Also upgrades to 2.2 with this patch..

    See Wiki :

    See Update :

    for $99 thats a good buy
    i got one when they droped to $150 and havent regretted it.

    as long as you have realistic expectations on what it can do, it's a good device.

    Had one of these for a while now, not the fastest thing in the world, if we can ever convince ZTE to give us the source code it will be much better!

    Running Gingerbread 2.3.4 on mine and it's brilliant!

    I tried one in store, yes, it feels horrible, cheap, resistive etc.

    But I'd use one on the toilet. Just sayin'

    I have one and reasonably happy with it. This is surely code for the ZTE plus (+) is due to be released by Optus in the coming weeks! Why else would they be slashing the price to nix?? DSE cost price is $125!

    Does it come with the handsfree and everything? Would be funny if people actually started using it as a phone

    its a fake sale just to get people in the doors
    Not one of the stores on the gold coast has them in stock at 930am. Very dissapointed.

      Very true, i have rang 6 stores in melbourne non have got it cause it is out of stock i even rang the optus store and they didnt have it either

    I walked into Big W @ Chapel St this morning, they didn't have any in stock. Called a friend, who went to one in Sydney - no stock.

    Wtf - is this some sort of advertising scam?

    This is definitely some sort of scam. I asked a friend to go BigW (Top Ryde)at 8.15am. No stock. Then I contacted four stores in Sydney. No stock.

    No stock at Big W Rockdale at about 4:30. The salesperson reckons they had 1 in stock in the morning and so they were 'sold out'.

      hi the salesperson is lying. went to rockdale store 8:15am and no stock.

    Wow. that is all i can say.

    None in Big W Canberra 8.30 am Wednesday "sold out" "It was in last week's catalog!"- wife NOT HAPPY! None in Woden Post Office Shop.

    No stock yet in Melb BigW Queen Vic June 2. WTF.

      No stock in any of the BigWs in Perth (I phone around), smells iffy. No stock in the 4 Post Office shops I went to, but the old biddies behind the counter were a lot more believable than any of the BigW drones when they said they were sold out. They all said they were only given stock of one or two and my local Post Office offered to order me one, wonder if they'll be able to get one?

    The optus mytab has been reduced to $99 at all optus stores and is not a saving as this is what the RRP is as of now and will not be going back up in price.
    This is Big W just really doing false advertising. $99 at all optus stores

    i picked up one from allphones.
    i agree with steve - it's great for the coin if your expectations are realistic!

    Alright guys, i have contacted 2 stores, telechoice and dick smith and both said that they are out of stock and when i asked them when they will get them they said they have been discontinued and that a new one is coming out soon

    Optus Tab at $99. This is a scam, so was the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it was selling for $299 a few weeks ago. I rang at leat 12 stores and not of them had any left. Infuriating!!!!!!. I don't think they had any at all. All the retailers are now just copying each other and trying to get people into their stores. It actually puts me off going into their stores and I refuse to buy anything else..... after being drawn in with false advertising.

    It's not a scam. I just ordered mine at DSE along Springvale Rd. They charged me $99 and said it will be arriving within 2-3 weeks because they're out of stock. Another friend of mine actually got one for $99 before it went out of stock. So there you go.

    Brisbane BigW stores had no stock, but the offered to put me on a list. And they did actually call back, and I got a My Tab! The guy said they got 3. There were 8 people behind me on the list. He said Optus actually had plenty of stock but BigW apparently did not think they needed them.

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