Aussie Film The Tunnel Getting Official Launch Through BitTorrent

Aussie Film The Tunnel Getting Official Launch Through BitTorrent

 title=The guys behind Aussie horror film have always planned on seeding their film to the world using torrent software, but they’ve just received a huge boost, with BitTorrent themselves committing to include the film’s torrent with every download of BitTorrent or Utorrent.

Considering both clients have approximately 400,000 downloads daily, that’s a pretty massive distribution from launch day, and potentially turning the film into one of the biggest Aussie movies of the year. For those that don’t download either client, the film will be offered as a free download through UTorrent’s App Studio, and has been selected for BitTorrent’s Artist Spotlight program., a UK-based film sharing site for independent filmmakers, will also feature the Aussie flick.

In addition, the film will also get a theatrical release at Hoyts cinemas, a DVD release, an iPad release and a screening on ShowTime all around the same time as the torrent release.

This approach to universal release on every format is what people have been asking for from movie studios for years. Let’s hope it’s a huge success for the filmmakers. It officially hits the torrents on May 19.

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