Asus' Eee Pad Memo Tablet Will Be 3D When It's Finally Released

It's been almost five months since Asus showed off its Eee Pad Memo tablet at CES, but at Computex today they've announced that it'll actually be 3D when it goes on sale - no glasses required here.

This isn't the first time a company has changed the specs before a product goes on sale - recently Samsung gave the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab quite the upgrade before it went on sale. The 7-inch Memo tablet will use a glasses-free 3D IPS display, and comes with a stylus for sketching and note-taking, along with a Bluetooth headset for making and receiving calls, and listening to music.

Inside, a Snapdragon processor quietly hums away, and on the front and back, 1.2MP and 5MP cameras lurk. On sale in June, it will start at $US499. [SlashGear]

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