Apple Store Makeover: iPads As Product Labels, Startup Session Bars, And More

9to5Mac is reporting that Apple is about to embark on a major makeover for their retail stores. Dubbed Apple Store 2.0, it'll have more interactive 'startup sessions' bars, iPads as interactive product labels, and 'huge' displays and new sound systems.

There has been a rumour that Apple was planning something for their 10 year anniversary in retail, so a revamp and makeover of their stores could make sense. Supposedly, the initiative is being led by Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive, which would mean it'd have to be pretty major. Besides the in-store additions, a brand new, more 'interactive' iOS Apple Store app is being released soon too. More interactive sessions, more interactive product labels (by way of iPads) and more interactive apps. Hmm. I sense a theme. [9to5Mac]