Amazon Goes Round Two With Lady Gaga's Monstrous Little Deal

When Amazon tried to give the world Lady Gaga's Little Monsters album for just a buck, what did it get in return? A giant customer service headache. But today, like Rocky Balboa before them, they're climbing back into the ring.

Amazon's doubling down on its Little Monsters deal, insisting that this time they're ready for the onslaught of angst-filled teens and grown men who never let go of early 1990s-Madonna. If Jeff Bezos is right, and Little Monsters is his Apollo Creed, then when midnight comes and the servers withstand the barrage of download haymakers, he'll be hoisted on his admin's shoulders and paraded through the office a hero. And then two mega-album deals from now Gaga gets unceremoniously killed by some Russian steroid freak. [Amazon]

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