All Our Lightbulbs Will Have IP Addresses

All Our Lightbulbs Will Have IP Addresses

When we remarked that home automation technology was a reason we needed iPv6 technology, we weren’t kidding. If Netherlands-based NXP has it their way, we’ll all be using networked LED lightbulbs, each with their own IPv6 address.

According to Fast Company, this GreenChip technology operates on the 802.15.4 wireless protocol, which means it doesn’t use the same bandwidth as 802.11 wi-fi gadgets. Cool.

But what do you do with networked bulbs? Automate your home, of course.

You’ll also be able to control mood lighting “states” with a remote control, or via your iPad, as if you were a theatre lighting designer; you’ll be able to quickly and easily incorporate movement sensing automated lighting, that could even turn on dimly if it detects you’re stumbling to the bathroom at midnight; and you’ll be able to download apps to hone and polish your home’s lighting energy needs so that you end up with a smaller power bill.

And to top it off, JenNetIP—the framework that lets the bulbs talk to computers and devices—in is the process of becoming open-source, which means that issues with platforms and manufacturer compatibility should be a non-issue. The Greenchip bulbs should be available by the end of the year at stores like Home Depot, where they’ll come in packs of 5 (plus a remote) for $US50. [Fast Company]