Air India Pilots Caught Flying With Newspaper-Covered Windows

Air India may have a bad reputation for poor customer service and delayed flights, but what were its pilots thinking when they covered the cockpit windows with newspaper to block the sun?

Newly hired pilot Bob Haygooni tells the story of how he strolled into the cockpit during a flight to meet his new co-workers. He was shocked to discover the crew basking in the yellow glow of newspaper-covered windows. For whatever reason, the pilots decided that blocking their view was a better choice than shading their eyes with a hat or sunglasses.

Haygooni claims haphazard practices like this were common during his 16-month stint with the airline. He finally couldn't take it anymore and quit. If this report is true, it may explain why the government-backed airline lost $US1 billion in taxpayer money last year and is close to being shuttered. [New York Times]

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